1. What if my Precision Gold Trigger will not completely go into my gun?

Answer: The first step you should take would be to examine the pins that go through the housing and make sure that they are all completely flush with the housing. If any of the pins are sticking out, they will catch on the receiver and keep the trigger from going all the way in. If any pins are protruding, gently tap them until they are flush with the housing. If this does not solve the issue, please contact  one of our Precision Gold representatives for further instructions.

2. What is the difference between a factory trigger and the Precision Gold Trigger?

Answer: The main difference between factory triggers and our triggers comes from the materials we use. Not only are the materials harder than factory triggers, but we also use different types of metals at each metal on metal contact point. This prevents galling. With harder materials, we are able to hold extremely tight tolerances eliminating slack and travel within the trigger. Throughout assembly, each trigger is individually inspected and hand tuned in order to reach optimum performance.

3. How long has Precision Gold Triggers been in business?

Answer: Precision Gold Triggers began selling triggers in 2002. Prototypes were first developed and shot in 2001. Since then, we have sold over 900 triggers.

4. What is the standard set up for a pull/pull or a double release trigger?

Answer: The standard set up for a pull/pull trigger is set at 3.5 lbs. For a double  release, we usually build the set at  5 1/4 lbs. with a release at 29 oz. We can change the set up to fit most shooters needs in the event the standard set up is not the best fit.

5. How does the warranty for a Precision Gold Trigger work?

Answer: All of the parts in the Precision Gold Trigger (EXCLUDING HAMMER SPRINGS) have a one year warranty on parts and labor. This warranty will be voided if anyone other than a Precision Gold Trigger representative works on the trigger.

6. Does the warranty transfer with the sale of the trigger?

Answer: If you purchase a used trigger from someone besides a Precision Gold representative, the trigger must be re-certified at the cost of $200 in order for it to be covered under  the warranty.  If the trigger is not re-certified, Precision Gold Triggers will charge service work fees on a job by job basis.

7. Who can work on my trigger?

Answer: Only Precision Gold Trigger representatives should work on your trigger. Please see “Contact” page for contact information on our representatives.